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Education Fun Pak

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Science Garden
Grow All 3 Amazing Plants from Seed

1 Venus Fly Trap
Dionaea muscipula

The Venus Fly Trap is the most widely recognized carnivorous plant. The trap quickly snaps shut when its sensitive hairs are stimulated. It's fascinating to watch and a great teaching tool.

10 seeds

Venus Fly Trap
Telegraph Plant

2 Telegraph Plant
Desmodium gyrans
syn: Codariocalyx motorius

This fascinating plant moves its leaves in a gyrating motion when stimulated by touch, heat or light. Young plants are especially responsive, so you'll see a good show soon after the seeds have sprouted.

35 seeds

3 Sensitive Plant
Mimosa pudica

Popular novelty plant dramatically folds up its leaves when stimulated by touch, heat or wind. Sensitive Plant is fascinating for kids and grown-up kids, too.

40 seeds

Sensitive Plant
Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula)
10 seeds
Telegraph Plant (Desmodium gyrans)
35 seeds
Sensitive Plant (Mimosa pudica)
40 seeds

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